Heide is a town located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany. With a population of approximately 21,000 people, Heide is known for its beautiful landscapes, historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. Visitors can enjoy exploring the town's many museums, galleries, and theaters, or take in the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Our Gathering will take place near Heide in Hennstedt. Hennstedt is a charming municipality located in the district of Dithmarschen, Germany. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, it offers a peaceful and idyllic setting for residents and visitors alike. With its rich history, friendly community, and proximity to nature.

Gemeinde Hennstedt | Touristen-Informationen

Our Conference Hotel: Gut Apeldör

Our conference hotel ‘Gut Apeldör’ in Heide-Hennstedt provides a welcoming and comfortable environment for our stay during the gathering.

GUT APELDÖR: Golfclub & Hotel in Hennstedtör/@54.2305116,8.8478044,11z/data=!4m9!3m8!1s0x47b3856af36b0607:0x154192bb87faec52!5m2!4m1!1i2!8m2!3d54.2779171!4d9.1979921!16s%2Fg%2F1tfgngl5?entry=ttu

More Accomodation Opportunities in Heide

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